New Jersey and Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer – Alexandra’s Newborn Portraits in Hillsborough, New Jersey

At a mere thirteen days old, little Alexandra was one of the most easygoing, laid-back, and cooperative clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Of course her parents are pretty wonderful, too, but I was absolutely blown away by how alert, relaxed, and content Alexandra was! Besides a few little spells of sleepiness, she was awake for the entirety of the shoot, which lasted well over an hour. On her back? No problem. Tummy time? Sure. Being held by mom and dad? Of course. She took it all in stride and I think if she were able to talk, she’d have said “piece of cake”.

A lot of popular newborn portraits at the moment feature props and costumes and posing the baby in fun, quirky poses – and while the photos are adorable, I wanted to go in a different direction with Alexandra. I suggested a clean, uncluttered backdrop and a minimal white onesie so that all of our focus was on sweet Alexandra. When I take pictures I try to capture the feeling of that particular moment – when Alexandra looks at these photos in twenty years I want her to see how precious, innocent, and perfect she was, not think “What were mom and dad thinking?! Why am I hanging halfway out of a mailbox?” I hope we’ll all be smiling looking at these photos in twenty years – because they’re certainly making me happy right now.

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