New Jersey and Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer – Max’s Newborn Portraits in Princeton, New Jersey

Major cuteness ahead – just a fair warning. Max was only six days old when we did his photo shoot, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph such a tiny little guy. Of course newborns are small – but when I see their tiny hands and feet and fingers and toes I’m blown away by just how miniature they really are. The first few days at home with your new baby are such a special time, and I am so honored that Max’s parents chose me to capture these special moments for them. I approached this shoot in a similar way to Alexandra’s photo shoot – I wanted images of Max that his parents and family would love and enjoy for years and years to come, so we decided on an indoor shoot in his nursery with lots of warm light and neutral colors. As a photographer I am constantly learning, and every photo shoot is an opportunity for me to learn and improve my skills and my work. And the more babies I work with the more strongly I feel that less is more. Less elaborate backdrops, fewer accessories, and overall just more focus on the baby. They’re perfect just the way they are.



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