New Jersey and Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer – Konicek Family Portraits at Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville, New Jersey

As a photographer, it’s a very special thing to be able to watch your clients and their families grow and change over the years. I’ve had the honor of photographing the Koniceks for the past few years, starting with their engagement, and now here we are, doing family portraits with their 18 month old daughter. Seeing their daughter grow up has been incredibly special – I call her my “baby muse” because she was my very first newborn baby shoot, and ever since then I’ve been inspired and excited by my interactions with her. I was there for her first Christmas holiday, and then again at her first birthday. But now – now she is walking and talking and has an opinion! It’s a whole new ballgame! We chose a beautiful fall day at Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey for our shoot – most of the leaves had already fallen, but the ground was blanketed in a carpet of red, orange, and yellow leaves and the colors that day were just stunning. You have to think quickly on your feet when you’re working with toddlers, and Alex definitely kept us all on our toes! But we had so much fun creating these portraits together and I’m looking forward to the next milestone with this beautiful family.

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