New Jersey and Pennsylvania Equine Photographer – Stryder’s Portraits in Pennington, New Jersey

I absolutely love doing black background equine portraits. There’s just something so dramatic and striking about them – if you’re looking for artwork featuring your horse to put in up in your home, this is where it’s at. I’m currently chomping at the bit (pun intended) to do black background portraits of my own horse – alas, although it’s “spring” in New Jersey, the forecast calls for snow and rain this weekend, so a bath for my pasture-boarded horse is out of the question. Aaaaand I have a flea-bitten gray horse – in other words, he’s currently a yellowish brown color. This weather is killing me! But back to Stryder – this fancy guy is just absolutely gorgeous. He was freshly clipped and bathed for our shoot and he was absolutely stunning. He was such a good boy and such a pleasure to photograph. He’s also huge – 18 hands – so it’s a good thing he’s so well-mannered and polite! I’m so excited for the upcoming black background shoots on my calendar – if you’re interested in portraits of your horse, drop me a line and get in touch!

Irish sport horse on black backgroundIrish sport horse on black backgroundIrish sport horse on black backgroundIrish sport horse on black background

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