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A little bit about me –  I’m a California native currently living in the Princeton, NJ area, and while my heart will always be in Santa Barbara (go Gauchos!), I think New Jersey is a pretty wonderful place to live. I’m married to a fancy genius scientist who not only does mad crazy physics but makes a mean risotto and the best margarita I’ve ever had. We have two small furry cat children named Fitz and Daisy, and I’m surrogate mom to whatever horse I’m lucky enough to be leasing and riding at the moment. If I’m not holding a camera, chances are I’m on a horse…or talking about a horse…or thinking about a horse. Or eating – probably tacos. Or cheese.

My style is simple – I like photos that accurately reflect what you were feeling the moment that I took your picture. I think the moments you will want to look back on and remember should be captured in a clean, simple way. I’ve had the good fortune to be mentored by one of the most amazing photographers in the business, Shelley Paulson, and her invaluable advice and guidance has helped me cultivate my vision. Beautiful photos don’t need elaborate posing, editing, and Photoshop effects – just beautiful light and beautiful people.

I like to meet my clients in person before our photo session to go over all the fun details and talk about how we can make beautiful, genuine portraits together. I’ll guide you through the process – what to wear, what to bring, all the good stuff. I promise I will not say the word “cheese” at any point during our shoot. I cannot, however, promise not to talk about eating cheese at some point. We’ll have fun and capture some authentic, genuine moments together and you’ll end up with photos that you love and want to share with your friends and family.


fancy scientist

Daisy Mae


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